Upholstery Fabric Care

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Caring for your Upholstery - General Tips

People usually spend lavishly on their upholstery, especially because it is they spend most of their time at home using such furniture. Such furniture is also used to entertain guests at home. This is the reason that the people must take extra care of their upholstery and make sure that they last for a long time. The consumers are required to do proper cleaning and maintenance of their upholstery and it is definitely not too hard to do.

Choose the Right Fabric

There are a variety of fabrics available in the market for your furniture. You can make your maintenance and after-care task much easier by choosing the right type of fabric for your needs. Quality is of the essence and you must never compromise over that. But the colours are equally important too. If you have kids at home then choose dark colours so that your upholstery is resistant to the normal stains that kids usually make at home. Further, if you are using your furniture on a regular basis, then also you must go with a dark colour fabric for the upholstery. Synthetic fibres are the best choice for upholstery furniture which is used too often at home.

Protecting the Fabric

The manufacturers of the fabric perform a lot of protective measures and tests to check and ensure the protection of the fabric. The manufacturer treats the upholstery fabric by using different types of water and soil repellents. There are some supplementary upholstery fabric protectors which are applied to the furniture either in the factory or in the store. When you go out shopping for your upholstery furniture, then do ask about the fabric protection applied to the upholstery. There are several retailers who can provide consumers with customized upholstery protection once you place your order with them. This gives you the flexibility to choose the type of fabric protection as per your own requirements.

Turn the Cushions Regularly

One great tactic of extending the life of your upholstery fabric is to keep on turning the sides of your removable cushions after every few days. This will not only protect it from dust, but would also maintain the firmness of the cushions. Moreover, the shape of the cushions is also well maintained by flipping them over regularly. It is for this reason that the upholstery consumers are advised by the furniture experts to go with the two sided cushions when choosing a particular piece or a set of upholstery furniture. The people are also advised to keep on changing the position of the cushions as well as there are always a few chairs or sofas which are used quite more often than the other sofas/ couches.


Vacuum cleaning is the best approach for cleaning your upholstery and making them dust free. There are smart vacuum cleaners these days, which are specifically designed for couch cleaning. Further, the standard ones also come with useful attachments that can be exploited to make the most of your machine to ensure quality upholstery cleaning.