Upholstery Fabric Care

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Take Care when Cleaning Furniture with Velvet Upholstery Fabric

Accidents happen, and sometimes after that we end with up a dirty, filthy and stain full sofa. And, the upholstery is the first place where all the stains and spots add up to. Sometimes we spill drinks, food, and even tomato ketchup, to ruin our perfect sofa set and its upholstery. And, after this, cleaning is the only option which is left to us. And, even if we like it or not, we have to do it order to make our upholstery presentable again. And, what if our upholstery is made from velvet? Yes the same silky smooth material based surface. Won’t a spot become a huge blemish on its fine surface? All the answers are yes and indeed, we have to clean them up. We can always opt to call in the professionals to get our work done, but, that would cost you money.

Cleaning the Velvet Part of Furniture Upholstery

Since the surface of velvet upholstery is very gentle, soft and slippery, you do not want it to have stains and damages. And, if you do not clean the stains and spots off, all the aesthetical look of your velvet upholstery fabric will look timid. Velvet is a particular weave that is very soft to the touch. If not cleaned properly, it can appear damaged. Crushed velvet has been chemically treated to lay in certain patterns. Once wet cleaned, the crushed look will disappear. Remember, velvet is a fabric, and the most important thing is the fibre.

The Right Process of Cleaning Velvet Upholstery

If you do not rightly wash and clean the velvet upholstery material, the “hairs”, or the weaving of it, might jump up like a person’s hair after a hot shower. Hence, you have to be pretty delicate and careful when you are dealing with velvet. Firstly, you should do it with lukewarm water and if you want, you can add soft and mild detergent, shampoo or any upholstery cleaner available in the market. Then, use this mix or the solution to rub the surfaces of the velvet with a clean towel, but do not over do it by rubbing harshly. You can also use a soft brush, which babies and little children have, to take off any dirt and to clean the surface. But, do it genteelly and with care.

What about the Rinse and how do I Dry it?

Do not rinse the velvet itself. It is better to rinse the towel you are using beforehand and just applying the touches with it should do the work. Also, avoid putting the velvet on dryers or directly under the sunlight to dry them. You can use mild hair dryers if you want, but it should be in the lowest possible mode.